Advantages of Synthetic Grass

It’s important for homeowners to know that today’s leading artificial grass has come a long way as far as technology, longevity and experience since the 80s and 90s. The advantages of synthetic grass, turf or artificial grass can also improve your home’s curb appeal as well as save you precious time and money.

Artificial grass saves you money on lawn maintenance and gardening tools

It’s plain to consider the amount of ongoing time and effort required to support a nice looking lawn, but imagining spending that time enjoying it is the key to deciding to go with turf.

Sports Field Pro Artificial Grass - FIFA Standard

Spending more time and less energy in terms of maintenance is a key reason for its widespread implementation on sports fields throughout Australia.

No more yellow patches, or hard to manage problem areas

Experts agree that water savings from lawn maintenance routines is considerable in terms of both cost and amount required. When considering on hiring a lawn installation service, or diy (see our handy guide) for your Next Generation artificial grass, a good plan will help to Get Creative with wholesale synthetic grass Adelaide – without spending time on lawn maintenance

There are a lot of different and creative things that can be done with artificial grass to create a modern appealing look.

The range of leisure applications for synthetic grass include

  • Front and back yards
  • Play areas
  • Pool surrounds and patios
  • Roof gardens + balconies
  • Pet runs
  • Nature strips
  • Apartment complexes
  • Residential developments
  • Boats

Many of today’s brands also have a much more vibrant feel and look to them as well. Our W-Spec brands are especially designed with a “W” shaped profile which maximises the structural integrity. Adding longevity and being basically maintenance free makes W-Spec perfect for both residential and commercial use. Enquire online or visit a stockist for more information on Next Generation artificial grass.

Artificial Lawn Prices

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The Next Generation “W” Spec Brand Turf Advantage

Artificial grass with W shape profile for structural integrity
Close-up view of synthetic turf cross section reveals a W shape along the length of each strand of synthetic grass.

The ‘W’ profile maximises the structural integrity of each blade, meaning the lawn will remain upright for a longer period than other products which flatten over time.

The following W-Spec artificial grass products incorporate this ‘W’ shape:


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