Petfill Artificial Grass Deodorizer

Having A Great Looking Lawn With A Pet Odour Problem Stinks!

Pets + Synthetic Grass = Odours.

But, there is a way to avoid this problem!

If you have pets in your family and want to be able to enjoy your new grassed area long term, check out Petfill artificial grass urine deodorizer before installing your new artificial lawn.

Artificial grass urine deodoriser

Why Petfill Is Great

Organic and Safe Urine Deodorizer

  • Petfill is a 100% Australian made, non-toxic and eco-friendly urine deodorizer for artificial grass.
  • A certified organic, mineral blend that is used instead of infill sand in the installation of artificial grass.
  • It absorbs moistures and is scientifically proven to neutralise pet urine odours.
  • Its natural, earthy colour adds to the realistic qualities of your synthetic grass and best of all, there’s no need for ongoing re-application.

Deodorize Urine & Stay Cool

As an extra benefit, using Petfill in your lawn can also act as a cooling system in the hot weather. Sometimes artificial lawn can get quite hot when in the sun on a typical Australian summer day.

Petfill deodorizer behaves almost like an evaporative cooler. Absorbing moisture and slowly releasing, keeping the area cooler. The absorption of moisture also helps reduce moss and mould that usually grows in shady, damp areas.

Great For Litter Trays

Petfill can also be used in cat litter trays or puppy toilet training trays. It is totally animal and human friendly, helping to promote happier, healthier outdoor families.

How Artificial Turf Deodorizer Works

Petfill artificial turf deodorizer works by absorbing moisture (urine) and breaking down the ammonia in it. Pet’s urine usually coats the grass and standard sand infill before soaking through to the base and the earth layers. In time the urine builds up, resulting in the formation of ammonia gases which is what causes ongoing unpleasant smells.

Petfill absorbs the urine into its molecular structure and has been scientifically proven to have a high ammonia binding capacity which neutralises the ammonia before it can soak through.

Choose Artificial Lawn

Australia has one of the highest rates of pet ownership in the world. With 62% of households having at least one pet in their family, coupled with busy lifestyles and the Aussie climate, more and more people are choosing synthetic grass.

With such natural looking products on the market, why wouldn’t you?  Just don’t forget to ask for Petfill artificial grass urine deodorizer, before installing your lawn.

Petfill is available in 15kg bags and should be applied at a rate of 10kg/sqm (based on 35mm pile height artificial grass).

For more information, please enquire online or visit your nearest supplier.

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The Next Generation “W” Spec Brand Turf Advantage

Artificial grass with W shape profile for structural integrity
Close-up view of synthetic turf cross section reveals a W shape along the length of each strand of synthetic grass.

The ‘W’ profile maximises the structural integrity of each blade, meaning the lawn will remain upright for a longer period than other products which flatten over time.

The following W-Spec artificial grass products incorporate this ‘W’ shape:


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