Lawn Reborn Grass Deodorizer

Lawn Reborn Artificial Turf Deodorizer

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Lawn Reborn artificial lawn pet deodoriser - 1litre and 4 litre

Lawn Reborn Grass Deodorizer

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Lawn Reborn works by attacking and destroying the urine odours in your lawn, substantially neutralising and reducing the smell of dog urine on your pet friendly artificial grass.

Available in 1L or 4L

See instructions below on how to apply and recommended frequency.



Lawn Reborn … The Pet Friendly Artificial Grass Urine Deodorizer That Works

Most families in Australia have at least one pet in their household. With today’s busy lifestyles and allergies becoming more prevalent in all species, pet friendly artificial grass is the ideal solution. No maintenance, easy clean up, safer and healthier for maximum outdoor family time.

But unless you’ve installed your synthetic lawn with the addition of a product like PetFill artificial grass urine deodorizer, you are almost guaranteed to notice some unpleasant odours developing and hanging around like, well, a bad smell.

Meet Lawn Reborn. A product designed to work in conjunction with PetFill (which is applied during installation of your lawn) for optimal results, but is also proven to work wonders as a stand-alone artificial turf deodorizer product.

Get ready to kiss those whiffs goodbye.

Artificial lawn deodorizer - Lawn Reborn

Why Do You Want Lawn Reborn At Your House?

How The Lawn Reborn Artificial Turf Deodorizer Works

Lawn Reborn does not work by covering the urine odours in your lawn. It actually attacks and destroys the cause of them, substantially neutralising and reducing the smell of dog urine on your pet friendly artificial grass.

Pet friendly artificial turf deodorizer

There are two elements that create that doggy urine aroma we want so much to be rid of.

The first is ammonia, this is naturally present in the urine. Our PetFill product deals with this and neutralises the odour.

The other factor is the subsequent bacterial growth that occurs due to the protein found in urine. This protein creates an ample food supply for bacteria and the more it grows the more it stinks. However, it’s no match for Lawn Reborn.

With these in mind, we recommend the combined use of PetFill and Lawn Reborn artificial grass urine deodorizers to achieve optimal results. We understand that this is not an option for everyone. That’s why Lawn Reborn has been designed to work wonders as a stand-alone artificial turf deodorizer product.

Quick and easy to use, Lawn Reborn is a high performance, non-toxic, multiple enzyme solution that destroys the bacteria causing the offending smells. It is manufactured form a unique blend of multi-enzymes, fermented natural product, essential nutrients, and surfactants. Just the thing to neutralise and clean pet odours from your lawn and other surfaces.

How To Use Lawn Reborn Artificial Turf Deodorizer

How To Mix & Apply

Most people’s first treatment will be to a super smelly artificial lawn, and for this we recommend mixing 1 part Lawn Reborn to 20 parts clean water. For all subsequent treatments, assuming you are treating when smell is only slightly noticeable, we recommend mixing 1 part Lawn Reborn to 40 parts clean water.

A large watering can is an ideal way to administer the solution to your pet friendly artificial grass. It provides an even coverage while being easy to handle.

For best results, we strongly suggest applying your Lawn Reborn artificial turf deodorizer solution in the evening when it’s cooler to avoid evaporation. This allows the enzymes the opportunity to work their magic to the best of their ability overnight.

Frequency Of Use

The frequency of applications can vary from household to household, depending on how many pets you have, their size, metabolism, and diet. The higher in protein the diet, the more food for the bacteria, creating faster growth and increase of smell.

Also consider that a small area with a large dog will need treating much more often than a larger area with a small dog.

Administer another treatment at the first sign of any smell returning – let your nose be your guide. You will soon develop a schedule that works best for you.

So, don’t let the stench of urine impact your family’s enjoyment of your backyard. Lawn Reborn artificial grass urine deodorizer will get you back to the barbie in no time!

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