The Next Generation “W” Spec brand turf advantage

Next Generation Turf W-Spec Artificial Grass close up

Understanding the Next Generation Turf “W” Spec Turf Advantage

Both our Spec 30 and Spec 40 brands incorporate a “W” to denote a key feature that differentiates our product from the others. A  close-up view of the turf cross section reveals a W shape that goes along the length of each strand of synthetic grass.

The W profile maximises the structural integrity meaning this lawn will remain upright for a longer period than other products which flatten over time. Being basically maintenance free makes it perfect for both residential and commercial use.

Key advantages with our W-Spec turf products are:

  • It’s easier to erect when installing during the stage of sweeping sand.
  • The turf stays upright for much longer, therefore minimising maintenance.
  • It also gives the yarn more body for a fuller/thicker look.

Spec 30 is great for both residential and commercial use. The Spec 40 is our prestige model. It has the same yarn as the 30mm turf but with a taller pile giving it a lush, luxurious look. It is perfect for those looking for more of a display home feel while still being comfortable underfoot.

The Next Generation Turf advantage starts in the design of our synthetic grass products. W Spec gives users the best possible combination of life, look and feel.