To a dog … having pet friendly fake grass is like having the Mercedes Benz of backyards

Owners often wonder how their dog will react to the installation of synthetic turf. In our experience, dogs love it and have little trouble adjusting to life on the turf.

Dogs love artificial grass

K9 Allergy Relief

Allergy free artificial grass

Grass allergies in pets are becoming more and more prevalent in recent years with various allergens causing all sorts of reactions. Pet owners are finding themselves having to medicate their pets to control these allergic reactions, often at a very high expense. Some even need to wash or wipe their dogs down after being outdoors, sometime with medicated shampoo or sprays and some dogs even have a skin suit fitted to stop their skin touching the grass.

Pet friendly artificial grass is a great option as it doesn’t cause nasty reactions and you can spend quality time with your dog outdoors instead of subjecting them to their less than favourite activities.

How To Choose The Right Pet Friendly Artificial Grass

The best kid and pet friendly artificial grass

All of Next Generation’s artificial grass ranges are safe for pets, but we always recommend our Multi-field product to pet owners first.

Unlike our other pet friendly artificial grasses, the Multi-Field doesn’t use an infill product. We find that the smell of animal waste usually gets trapped within the sand, not the turf itself.

Therefore Multifield cuts down on the smell by cutting out the sand.

Getting Down To Business

Pet friendly fake grass with no infill required

Hosing down your pet friendly fake grass with a high pressure cleaner is very effective in removing pet waste.

However, if you install a pet friendly artificial grass which requires a sand infill, your maintenance needs will increase as frequent cleaning will wash the sand out. So make sure you use Petfill artificial grass deodorizer infill instead of sand.

Alternatively, Multi-Field is virtually no maintenance and can handle high pressure hoses and the occasional disinfectant to remove smells and bacteria.

How To Keep Pet Friendly Artificial Grass In One Piece

Artificial grass is safe from dog damage if installed properly

Pet waste will not damage, stain or discolour any of our turf and our pet friendly fake grass will stand up to heavy paw traffic. We have never had anyone report that their dog has worn it out! If your dog is prone to digging up your backyard or chewing and destroying everything in its path, our advice is “make sure your installation is top notch”. Gaps, joins or exposed edges can be a magnet for a digger or a chewer.

So, make sure you discuss you family’s requirements and maintenance expectations with your Next Generation Turf reseller and be diligent with your pet friendly artificial grass installer!

Non-toxic artificial grass

Although all of our turf products are made from non-toxic materials, any ingestion from eating or chewing is definitely not recommended. If this does occur, we would recommend a check-up at your vet.

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