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Grass Application
Additional Features
Grass Height
Grass Application
Grass Height
Additional Features
Classic 30 artificial grass - 05

Classic 30 Artificial Grass

Features a two-tone colour with a brown thatch deep down giving it a natural appearance Pet friendly Very...
W Spec 30 Artificial Grass 07

W-Spec 30 Artificial Grass

Dense and soft with structural integrity and individual strands slightly varying in their bright fresh gr...
W Spec 40 Artificial Grass 08

W-Spec 40 Artificial Grass

A taller pile than W-Spec 30 giving an even more lush and luxurious feel with structural integrity W-Spec...
Emerald 35 Artificial Grass 08

Emerald 35 Artificial Grass

Individual rich and lustrous looking strands which feature structural integrity, density and softness W-S...
Emerald 45 Artificial Grass 01

Emerald 45 Artificial Grass

A taller pile than Emerald 35 giving even more softness and luxury with richness of colour W-Spec Profile...
Multi-Field Plus artificial grass closeup

Multi-field Plus Artificial Grass

Designed to be smooth, soft and supportive for all sorts of general and high-impact sports activities Sof...
Hole in One Artificial Golf Grass

Hole-In-One Artificial Grass

Leaf strands are curled and densely packed providing a comfortable surface and consistency for ball roll...
12mm Sports Pro Green Artificial Grass - closeup

Sports Pro Artificial grass

Sports Pro's yarn is made from Polypropylene which is a strong and dense product. Consistently even Firm...

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The Next Generation “W” Spec Brand Turf Advantage

Artificial grass with W shape profile for structural integrity
A close-up view of the synthetic turf cross section reveals a W shape that goes along the length of each strand of synthetic grass.

The ‘W’ profile maximises the structural integrity of each blade, meaning the lawn will remain upright for a longer period than other products which flatten over time.

All our W-Spec artificial grass products incorporate this ‘W’ shape.


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